Friday, January 11, 2019

Identifying the Correct Ancestor #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy

Identifying the Correct Ancestor

Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland AustinI recall the time when people were saying that our population was so large that America was running out of land! Granted, the population continues to grow and expand, yet it has been calculated that the number of people in the United States today could easily fit into the State of Utah! As genealogists, we are forever dealing with large numbers of people and searching for evidence of their existence. And, because of the duplication of names, we have to be careful that when we find someone, that it is the correct ancestor. The solution lies in researching census and county records and comparing the same. However, the best solution is to research all of the persons with the same surname (in that county) and prepared family group sheets for each family. That way, we realize that some of the people having the same names are cousins, however far removed! Just knowing the identify of each John Smith is clarifying , and will keep us on the correct path. 
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