Friday, January 4, 2019

Names of SC Ancestors --- > New Additions to Pendleton County

Pendleton County Images of Estates 1793 to 1799 (filed in Anderson County)

Alexander, David; Anderson, Moses; Bennison, George; Brickell, James and Susannah; Brown, William; Clements, Jesse; Cobb, Henry; Cobb, John; Compton, James; Corban, Peter; Cox, Beverly; Dalrumple, Samuel; Deale, Clement; Deale, Stewart; Farrar, Seth; Finley, John; Finleyson, Samuel; Franklin, Isham; Gant, Giles; Garner, James; Gibson, G.; Gibson, Randle; Greer, James; Hall, Nathaniel; Hallum, Thomas; James, Griffith; Johnston, John; Kimpton, James; Lefley, William; Linley or Finley, John; Linsley or Finley, John; Lowry, Daniel; Mauldin, Harris; McCambridge, John; McVey, William; Newman, Johnston; Norris, John; Perkins, Isaac; Pickens, John; Pickens, Robert; Pollock, John; Ralston, Robert; Reese, Thomas; Reece, Thomas Sidney; Roe, Solomon; Simms, James; Sims, James; Sinkler, Charles; Sloan, William; Smith, Benjamin; Steele, Lesley Isaac; Stevenson, John; Stone, William; Thomas, Evan; Thompson, Matthew; Tillet, William Asa Town; Tomson, James; Twitty, John; Watson, James; West, Jonathan; Whilton, Lewis; Whitmire, Michael; Wood, Jesse;


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