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Pasquotank County Wills and Estates


Pasquotank was formed as early as 1668 as a precinct of Albemarle County. Its name is derived from an Indian word pasketanki which meant "where the current of the stream divides or forks." It is in the northeastern section of the State and is bounded by Albemarle Sound and Perquimans. Gates, and Camden counties. In 1799 Elizabeth (City) Town was made the county seat and on June 6, 1800, the first court was held there. Elizabeth City was first called Redding, which was established in 1793. Redding was changed to Elizabeth Town in 1794, and Elizabeth Town was changed to Elizabeth City in l801. 

Pasquotank County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Miscellaneous Genealogy Records

  • Abstracts of Pasquotank County 1688 to 1777
  • Marriage Bonds 1780 to 1925
  • Miscellaneous Records at North Carolina State Archives 1703 to 1940
  • Index to Deeds 1813 to 1817; 1817 to 1820; 1821 to 1824


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