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Ancestor Databases: Horry County Wills and Estates

Horry County Court HouseHorry County was incorporated in 1801 and was taken from the Pee Dee region of the State. It was named after Peter Horry, who was born in South Carolina ca 1743, Revolutionary War Hero who was elected captain, later elected to the Provincial Congress of South Carolina to serve the 1st and 2nd Regiments. In 1790, he was assigned to the South Carolina Militia under Brigadier General Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. The county itself was completely surrounded by water, which forced the inhabitants to survive virtually without any assistance from the "outside world". This caused the county residents to become an extremely independent populace, and they named their county "The Independent Republic of Horry&uot;.

Horry County Probate Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

  • Horry County Administrator's Bond 1803-1818
  • Index to Horry County Wills
  • Index to Horry County Will Book A (1799-1818)
  • Index to Horry County Will Book B (1819-1821)
  • Index to Horry County Will Book C (1841-1857)
Horry County Wills (transcripts), 1799-1818

Testators: Robert Anderson, Joseph Atwater, William Bryan, Michael Clardy, Robert Daniels, Samuel Dawsey, James Elks, John Foley, Samuel Foxworth, B. W. Gause, John Grainger Sr., Samuel Grainger, Thomas Grainger, John Hardy, Robert Jordan, William Jordan Sr., Thomas King, Daniel Kirkland, Daniel Lewis, Rachel Lewis, William Lewis, William Henry Lewis, Thomas Livingston, Robert Lowremore, David McKelduff, Daniel McQueen, Peter Nicholson, William Norton, William Parker, Arthur Pinner, William Pips, Joel Pitman, Thomas Ready, John Rogers, Richard Singleton, William Snow, Josias Tillman, Charles Vereen, William Vereen, William Waller. 

Images of Estates 1842 to 1873 

Anderson, R. M.; Beal, Thomas Crowson; Bellem, William; Bepent, Josias; Booth, James; Conner, Edward; Crowson Estate; Crowson, William Jordan and Joel Thomas Crowson; Dorman, Benjamin Estate; Floyd, Frederick; Floyd, Lewis; Gerald, Richard; Graham, John; Graham, Joseph; Graham, Lucretia and James Smith transactions; Hurl, Francis; James, Willis; Jones, Enos; Jordan, Solomon; Ludlow, Isaac; Newton-Ferran transactions; Newton-Jenkins transactions; Royals, William; Smith, Jordan; Squires, William; Thompson, Amon 

  • Horry County Administrator's Bonds 1803-1818
  • Index to Horry County Wills
  • Index to Horry County Will Book A (1799-1818)
  • Index to Horry County Will Book B (1819-1821)
  • Index to Horry County Will Book C (1841-1857)
  • Indexes to Deed and Estates Records
  • Deed Book 1842 to 1873
  • Estates 1842 to 1872


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