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Squire Boone of NC #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

Squire Boone

Squire Boone GraveSquire Maugridge Boone died Jan 1777, buried in Mocksville, Davie County, North Carolina (formerly Rowan County). He came to America in 1713 when eighteen years of age, having been sent along with two siblings to America by tgheir father, George Boone of the town of Bradninch near Exeter, England. Squire Boone is a name frequently used in the Boone families. They originally settled north of Philadelphia and were members of the Society of Friends. Another Squire Boone was found in the western portion of Virginia (Botetourt County) in the middle 1700s. This Squire Boone served in the militia and answered the call of Governor Dunsmore against the fierce Shawnee Chief, Cornstalk. Although all of the militia for the Colony had been called out, only two companies in Botetourt County answered the call. Chief Cornstalk awaited them at the falls of the Ohio River. A fierce battle was fought and many lives (on both sides) were lost. Although Cornstalk signed a Treaty after wards, he did not keep his word. This was about the that a cousin, Daniel Boone, was scouting through the mounts of western Virginia and Kentucky.
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