Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Expanding Universe of Genealogy #virginiapioneersnet #vgenealogy

The Expanding Universe of Genealogy

CahokiaCahokia As more data is unfolded from expanding resources, such as DNA and solar technology which fingerprints the location of ancient villages and burials on the map, it opens up a new vestitude of thought for genealogists. We are beginning to see evidence of large cities of Native Americans and their migrations. I, for one, assumed that the large mounds were burial grounds. Yet, excavations in reveal the site of buildings constructed similar to those in Egypt and South America. Over 200 mounds were found in the Mississippi River area alone. Cahokia, a sophisticated village near East St. Louis in Missouri reveals the remnants of more than a thousand prehistoric houses and the base of an earthen pyramid, which is one of dozens which towered above the original 
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