Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Town Anamnesis #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

The Town Anamnesis

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Occasionally one can locate an old church record in the countryside. Very few of such records were microfilmed and placed in a library or archives somewhere, however, there is no need to give up the search. Local people residing in or near old farming towns collect some interesting stuff about the old folks. There is usually a "town historian" lurking in the shadows and most everyone seems to know the identity of that person. It is always worth a visit because these historians will remember you later and even send you information! Once, when I was in Holland, Virginia (Suffolk), I introduced myself to a distant relative who worked at the post office. He gave me tons of family information which I later included in the Holland book (now online at Georgia Pioneers). Several years later when I returned and was walking down the street, he yelled "There's Jeannette Austin!" Hearing my named called in the little town made me feel that this little town was also my home. And it is, because my ancestors acquired it through extensive land grants dating from about 1660!   . . . more . . .

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