Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Who Invented the Tradition of Keeping Public Records? #georgiapioneerscom #gaancestors

Who Invented the Tradition of Keeping Public Records?

America is a country of records. But we did not invent that tradition.  The first known book spoken of in the bible was the Book of Remembrance kept by Adam. Whatever time-frame you accept on this is up to you.  Next, we have to go to the Egyptian pyramids said to date ca 5000 B. C.   And then there are the underground tunnels crossing Europe.  What do we really know concerning the past? Throughout the Middle Ages, records which went lost and untranslated, and only today is technology being developed which reads Dead Sea Scrolls dating back to the first century.  Too, inscriptions upon steles and ruins in Guatemala have been studied since the 1970s, with no real progress in translation.  Thousands of vessels which sank hundreds of years ago are being discovered with sonar equipment and other new technology.  Things thought to be impossible, are becoming possible. As the crumbled up scrolls are pieced together for interpretation, perhaps we will ultimately own the means of recovering molecules of ship passenger lists buried in the sea.  I would venture to say that there are tons of data which (if we had it) would help fill in the gaps of our family trees.  And I believe that one day mankind will have all of its records!

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