Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Consider the History Behind the Genealogy

Consider the History Behind the Genealogy

George Washington on the DelawareEvery family has some exciting and interesting facets of history. Because you see, we all play a part in history. Sure, there were those who played major roles of leadership. However, right there, beside them, were our ancestors. They were the soldiers who crossed the Delaware River one freezing night with General George Washington. And those at King's Mountain who charged the unbeatable British Colonel Ferguson firing with their rifles as they ran. Some of them got butchered by the murderous Colonel Tarleton under a flag of surrender at Waxsaws. And then there were those who did not sign on for 3-month terms, but fought the whole war. The bravery of our ancestors is detailed in their pension records. Every genealogist should seek these out and carefully read the detailed events described by their kin. When that war ended, everyone had homes to rebuild, to begin again. How many times did they go out into the fields of disruption and replant?

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