Friday, February 15, 2019

Envision the Activities of Colonial Days to Help Find Ancestors #georgiapioneerscom #gaancestors

Envision the Activities of Colonial Days to Help Find Ancestors

Sand Bar FerryIn colonial days, the mode of transportation was local rivers whose tributaries also flowed into other waters, as well as the sea. It is not too difficult to determine the first residents of an area and then compare those names to other regions. For example, the Gibbons and Bryans had estates and relatives in Savannah and in Liberty County which were frequently visited by water. Ferries located along the Savannah River between Edgecombe, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia accommodated other families such as the Butlers and Youngbloods. Vessels from Europe as well as the West Indies frequented the coasts. Families in New England visited the Georgia resort, Sunbury, and built cottages. Thus, this remote village in Liberty County became a fashionable sojourn for winter residents long before the onset of the Revolutionary War. Plats are excellent resources in determining where people resided. If you can discover the names of neighbors and friends, more avenues of interest enter the horizon. We cannot assume that the colonials were without means of socialization because they were active in contacting and writing letters to relatives and friends.  . . . more . . .

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