Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hoarders Collect Things. Genealogists Collect Information

Hoarders Collect Things. Genealogists Collect Information

The almond trees are in bloom!  That means that Spring is but a breath away. As the seasons roll around, we get a fresh new look at things.  Even the long, tedious years of researching the family history offers brighter expectations.  Oh, how I welcomed the libraries this winter.  They were a warm and cheerful domain to settle in to do research.  But warming weather means more daylight, and time to take trips to old churches and cemeteries.  Everything is not on the Internet, you know, so we need to trudge around and search more avenues of genealogy.  I have spent more than fifty years collecting data, and there is yet more information available!  People hoard things, and special items for us genealogists can be found in antique shops around the country.

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