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Names of Virginia Ancestors - Sussex County #virginiapioneersnt

Sussex County Virginia Genealogy Records: Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships

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Sussex County was named for the English county by the same name, and was formed from Surry County in 1753. The early records are in fairly good shape, with some blurring and fading. 

Births, Deaths, Marriages from Albemarle Parish Register kept by Rev. William Willie
  • Henry Briggs, died Aug 25, 1739.
  • John Gee, died Oct 5 1739. Certified by James Gee.
  • Thomas Eldridge, died Nov 4, 1740. Certified by Thomas Eldridge.
  • Martha Cobb, daughter of Allen Jones and Mary, his wife, born Sept. 12, christened Oct 2, 1764. Godfathers, William Jones, William Willie Godmothers, Eliza Willie, Jacobina Willie.
  • Benjamin Henry and Betty, son and daughter of Charles Harrison and his wife born June 30, 1775.
  • Mary, wife of Charles Harrison died July 25, 1775. She was safely delivered of two children, and seemed to be in a fair way, but by a mortification was cut off in a few days illness.
  • Lucy Binns, daughter of John Cargill and Lucy, his wife, Born January 29, 1769. Godfather, Nicholas Massenburg. Godmothers, Lucy Massenberg, Martha Belsches.
  • Capt. Richard Hill died July 19, 1775. Mrs. Brooking. This man had joined the Methodist Association and had frequent meetings at his home, but a few hours before his death gave chare that no Methodist should ever preach under his roof.
  • Anne Carter, daughter of Henry Harrison and Elizabeth, his wife, born Jan 12, 1764. Godfather, John Cargill. Grandmothers, Martha and Judith Avery.
  • Sylvanus Stokes died Feb 6, 1748-9. Jones Stokes.
  • Dr. John Hay died April 27, 1760.
  • Rev. Mr. Henry Elbeck, of Southwarke Parish, died Nov 2, 1751.
  • Major Robert Wynne died July 23, 1754.
  • Elizabeth Harrison, Sarah Cargill, sisters, died Aug 31, 1766
  • Jeane Wylie, my niece, died in her 20th year Sept 16, 1767. She came into this country the beginning of June 1ast.
  • Rev. Alexander Finnie, rector of Brandon Parish in Prince George for 46 years in the 70th year of his age, died Nov 17, 1770.
  • Major Edward Pettway died Feb 13, 1773
  • Charles de la Hay born Sept 20, 1773
  • Lucy Cargill, wife of John Cargill, died Dec 13, 1773.
  • Henry Tyler, aged 73, died Jan 2, 1774. Certified by John Tyler.
  • Elizabeth, daughter of John Jones and Judith, his wife, born Mar 5, 1753. Godfather, Robert Jones Jr. Godmother, Rebecca and Susanna Jones.
  • Aristotle Eldridge, son of Thomas Eldridge and Eliza, his wife, born Oct 30, 1752.
  • Allen, son of Robert Jones Jr. and Sarah, his wife, Born Dec 26, 1739.
  • Martha, daughter of Robert Jones Jr. and Sarah, his wife, born Nov 1, 1743. Peter Rives, Mary Rives, Sarah Gee.  . . . more . . .

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