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The Tradition of Naming the Children #gagenealogy #georgiapioneers

The Tradition of Naming the Children

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The ancestors named their children after relatives. A common method was to name the first child after the parents and/or grandparents of the couple, taking the first names. I had an ancestor who named his child George Thomas. I found the grandfather "Thomas" however, for a long while, the name "George" eluded me. It simply did not fit with any of the other family names. Finally, I discovered that it was the first name of the grandfather of the wife. In fact, George was used each generation during the 17th and 18th centuries. Every time I found another "George," he was the father of another fore bearer. The names of the other children were usually taken from more recent family members, such as brothers, sisters, or cousins. Sometimes a family surname was given the child as his first name. The naming of children is not written in stone, however. Yet, when the research gets tough, it is time to start thinking of certain as clues in the ancestry. I used this method when an ancestor named one of his children " Ramsey. " Decided to research all the Ramseys of that county. Turned up a Henry Ramsey who died in Henry County, Georgia, but who also lived in Abbeville County, SC and served in the Revolutionary War. He also had a daughter who married one of my distant ancestors. Never could prove it, but it looked like he probably married the other daughter because she is the one who named her child "Ramsey." This Ramsey followed the trail of my family from Abbeville to Georgia. Hmmm. This sort of digging is more tedious than other methods, yet sometimes reveals some pretty good clues. 

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