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The Ulster-Scottish Influence in America #genealogy #virginiapioneersnet

The Ulster-Scottish Influence in America

Map of UlsterThe first American Census taken in 1790 listed 2,345,844 people of English origin; 188,589 of Scottish origin, and 44,273 of Irish origin. However, the portion of the population which was described as Irish were largely Ulster-Scottish. The true Irish never having emigrated in any considerable numbers until they felt the pressure of the potato famine some fifty years later. Interestingly, at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War one-third of the entire population of Pennsylvania was of Ulster-Scottish origin. A New England historian, quoted by Whitelaw Reid, counted that between 1730 and 1770 at least half a million souls were transferred from Ulster to the Colonies, which was more than half of the Presbyterian population of Ulster. The Scottish immigrants trended towards Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Kentucky. One authority fixes the inhabitants of Scottish ancestry in the nine Colonies South of New England at about 385,000, while less than half of the entire population of the Colonies was of English. That means that a large number of Scots and the Ulstermen contributed to the Revolutionary struggle in America as well as the public life of the early days of the United States. Out of the twenty-two brigadier generals of George Washington, nine were of Scottish descent. In fact, the rescuer of Kentucky and the whole rich territory northwest of the Ohio from the Indians, was General George Rogers Clark, a . . . more. . .

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