Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dutch Merchant Ship in the Poldark Series was a Real Vessel #genealogy

Dutch Merchant Ship in the Poldark Series was a Real Vessel

Schiedam vessel DiscoveredWhile immigrants were removing to the American colonies, pirate ships combed the seas looking for treasure. They explored the West Indies and South America and particularly Brazil, and as Spanish vessels transported gold back to Spain, attacked where they could. Plundering pirates were also visible during the Revolutionary War. Not to long ago, divers spotted artifacts from the wreck of the Schiedam, a pirate vessel which sank off the coast of Cornwall (U.K.) in 1684. Among the bounty was found hollow iron shells packed with gunpowder-packed grenades which would have been lit by a fuse. This vessel sank in 1683 off the Cornish coast where it lay for centuries, discovered in 1971, but lost again under shifting sands. But divers recently found it again recently. This was the Dutch merchant ship, which was won by a Royal Navy captain from pirates, at the exact spot of a shipwreck in the Poldark film series.SourceSource
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