Friday, March 15, 2019

Ever Hear Tell of Silas John?

Ever Hear Tell of Silas John?

Silas JohnIn the Bible, we read that the project of the Tower of Babel was discontinued because God changed the common language and the people could no longer communicate. Does one conclude that the people sat on their hands afterwards and did nothing to write a new language? Then there is a 1904 article which appear in the journal Science. concerning a deeply religious Apache Indian by the name of Silas John who suddenly produced a highly sophistocated and perfectly funtional system of writing. The Apache claimed that he had a single vision of it while dreaming. Although many writers in science journals deplore the way in which scientific conclusions were reached in the long ago, the story of Silas John reveals that man is creative and inventive. And that he prides himself in his accomplishments. 

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