Monday, March 25, 2019

Imagery of the Past #genealogy

Imagery of the Past

Gourds used for Dippers
The best way to imagine what it was like a hundred years ago is to go out into the country and visit old houses. The countryside is yet a fine example of an era not-so-far-passed. Old sunken wells where water was drawn in buckets and sipped from gourds grown on the farm remind us of our own modern conveniences. Many of the old barns, although crumbling down, remain on the original site while tractors sit in the yard. Inside the houses, although abandoned and unfurnished, there are reminders. Such as light fixture in the center of the ceiling with a long dangling string, a hole in the ceiling where a tin pipe vented a wooden stove, hearths made of local clay, wooden staircases, and more. 

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