Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Just How Primitive were the Ancient Civilizations? #genealogy

Just How Primitive were the Ancient Civilizations?

Crete DigsIs it remarkable how people lived a hundred years ago, without indoor plumbing, running water, a/c, etc.? Does this stand out in our thoughts as the backwoods, a primitive lifestyle? And, in the future, will our descendants think of the 21st century as another period of lack-luster? Yet, excavations on a Greek Island known as Crete reveal indoor plumbing as far back as the 5th century B. C. And further excavations all over the world reveal some pretty astounding facts concerning our ancestors. More and more we learn that they were not so primitive after all. Apparently much history was lost over the ages and mankind is simply "relearning" some ancient crafts. The textbook versions of ancient Egypt, for example, would have us believe that slaves hauled stones weighing hundreds, even thousands of pounds across the desert and built pyramids. Yet, when artifacts from the King Tutankhamen tomb were being displayed around the country, it was observed a miniature mechanism of a "gear" fashioned in gold. Gears, of course, pull and lift objects) and must have belonged to that era. . . . more . . .

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