Monday, March 18, 2019

The Pilkdown Hoax #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

The Piltdown Hoax

Piltdown ManI never did buy the theory of evolution that the origin of man is descended from an "ape" or a one-cell animal in the sea. I knew my parents and grandparents; they were humans. Tracing the lineage back to ca 1066, each generation consisted of humans. If the human being had any relationship to the ape and evolution were true, we would see quot;evolving" apes amongst us. That theory floated around in the academic spectrum while I attended grammar school until the high school books accepted it as fact. Then, an assembly of jawbones emerged and each was labeled a descendant of the ape. For many years, people simply accepted the theory. Yet, tracing human-kind back to an ape has been rather awkward. The controversy was popular in 1868, when some ancient human skeletons were discovered in a shallow cave at Cro-Magnon near the town of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. The French geologist Edouard Lartet, uncovered five archaeological layers. The human bones found in the topmost layer were assessed to be between 10,000 and 35,000 years old. Those people were presumed to have been about 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches) tall, having sturdy bodies. The forehead was straight with slight brow ridges and the face short and wide. From a study of these skeletons, an . . . more . . .

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