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The Ragged Troops at Charlotte #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

The Ragged Troops at Charlotte

In 1780 when General Greene was appointed to the command of the Southern Department, when he arrived at Charlotte, he found the Southern Army destitute of almost everything, viz: no artillery, baggage or stores. In a letter written to General Lafayette, he wrote:"Were you to arrive now, you would find a few ragged, half-starved troops in the wilderness, destitute of everything necessary for the comfort or convenience of soldiers." The situation seemed useless, and his only hope of success lay in a number of spirited and devoted officers who gathered around him, and the promise of reinforcements from the states he had passed through during his route. General Greene decided to remove to a place where subsistence and the means of transportation could be obtained, and marched to the Cheraw hills on the Pee Dee. General Morgan was detached to the west of the Catawba to cut off the left wing of the arm of Lord Cornwallis. This movement of General Morgan and his army alarmed the British from their posts. Colonel Tarleton was dispatched with a force to cut off and destroy him, but the victory belonged to the Patriots when the troops under Colonel Tarleton troops met their annihilation at the Cowpens. The news of this victory was a severe blow to Cornwallis. He acted quickly cut off the retreat of General Morgan with his prisoners, and prevent his joining the main army. But in this he was foiled; for, mistaking the route supposed to be taken by his enemy, Morgan was enabled to reach Greene in safety.  . . . more . . .

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