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Westmoreland County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Deeds

Westmoreland Court House

Westmoreland County Virginia was formed in 1653 from Northumberland County. The county seat is Montross, Virginia. Some well-remembered residents of the county were President George Washington, President James Monroe and Robert E. Lee as well as Robert Carter, Henry Lee, Richard Lee, Daniel McCarty, George Turbeville and John Turbeville. A bloody naval battle occurred on July 14 1813 at the mouth of the Yeocomico River when a British force with a five-to-one advantage attacked an American vessel, leaving no survivors.

Images of Westmoreland Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers


  • Marriages to 1699
  • Marriages 1772 to 1865

Digital Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds, Book 5, 1712 to 1716

Allerton, Isaac; Alverson, George; Alverson, George, inventory; Arrington, John; Arrington, John, estate; Arrington, Thomas; Arrington, Thomas, estate; Asbury-Wright deed; Ashton-Crabber deed; Ashton, Henry deed; Atwell-Collins deed; Atwood inventory; Attwell, John; Attwell, John, estate; Bagg, Mary; Bagge, Mary; Baker, William, property grant; Barnard, John; Baxter-Atkinson deed; Blanchflower, Temperance; Blanchflower, Temperance, inventory; Bonam, Katherine; Brown, Davis; Brown, John; Brown, Joseph; Brown, William; Butler, Frances; Butler, James; Butler, James, inventory; Butler, John; Butler, Thomas; Butler, Thomas, inventory; Cahoe, Alexander; Cardwell, Richard; Carroll, Daniel; Chambers, Joseph; Champ, John; Champ, John to Robert Whitrow deed; Clemens, David; Clemens, David, inventory; Clements, John; Cornhill, Dennis; Cox, Vincent; Crouchman, John; Crutchers deed; Curtis, John; Dunkan, Charles; Edwards, Meresa; Edwards, Merriday; Erwin, John; Eskridge vs McCarty; Fairfax, Catherine; Finn, Thomas; Garland, William; Garner, John; Garner, John estate; Hardwicke, George; Harrison, George; Harrison, George inventory;   . . . more names . . .

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