Thursday, April 4, 2019

Simon Kenton, a Brave Irishman to Kentucky #kentuckypioneers #kygenealogy

Simon Kenton, a Brave Irishman to Kentucky

Kenton's StationSimon Kenton, the companion of Daniel Boone, came to Kentucky in 1771 and was of Irish parentage. His father was born in County Donegal. Another Irish companion was Michael Stoner. While still a minor, Kenton fled from his state because he believed he had killed a rival for the hand of a fair Virginia damsel. Simon Kenton record said that in 1775 he located in the Upper and Lower Blue Licks where there was an abundance of game, and he considered it a paradise. When in Kentucky, assumed the name of Simon Butler. He was known for his many deeds of personal bravery; indeed, it was asserted by many that he was the greatest Indian fighter the country ever produced. In 1782, upon hearing that the man he had struck down with his fist was still alive, he resumed his name, and in 1795 served as major under General Anthony Wayne. He founded the Kenton Station and Maysville, and planted the first corn raised in the state north of Kentucky river. Michael Stoner, one of his companions and Thomas Kennedy, another Irishman, built a cabin and made some improvements on Stoners fork of Licking river, in Bourbon county in 1774. Source: Early Irish Settlers in Kentucky by Edward Fitzpatrick, Louisville, Kentucky.
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