Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Origins of Most Americans #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

You are Going to be Surprised at this Account of the Origins of Most Americans

From a broad prospective, the peopling of America was motivated by the love of liberty and economic opportunity. During the seventeenth century the people of the Old World brewed dissatisfaction with the "old ways" Since Martin Luther presented his ideas of religious freedom, an awakening enlightened Europeans with a yearning to cast off the oppressive control of the state church and its orthodox power. There were rumors of a virgin land in the English colonies which attracted true adventurers and idealists. We should acknowledge the part which James Edward Oglethorpe played in such a resurrection after discovering that an artist friend had been cast into Fleet Prison for failure to pay his debts, and died there because he was placed in a cell with a prisoner suffering from a contagious disease. Oglethorpe wrote pamphlets and articles, which were published in newspapers while other were distributed on the streets. The cause of Oglethorpe resulted in several religious migrations into Georgia. In the meanwhile, Louis XIV would not allow Huguenots to settle in New France. Spain barred the foreigner from her colonies, and even the Spaniard might not go thither without a permit from the Crown. Heretics were so carefully excluded that in nearly three centuries the Inquisition in Mexico put to death "only 41 unreconciled heretics, a number surpassed in some single days (in Spain)" during the reign of Philip II. Is it any wonder that Spanish-American history shows men swayed by greed, ambition, pride, or fanaticism, but very rarely by a moral ideal. The struggle to exist in the colonies was surmised as " When you empty a barrel of fish fry into a new stream there is a sudden sharpening of their struggle for existence. So, when people submit themselves to totally strange conditions of life. Death whets his scythe, and those who survive are a new kind of fittest."    ... continued ...

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