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Trace the Ancestors Generation-by-Generation

Trace the Ancestors Generation-by-Generation

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If you are thinking of doing a DNA test, do it for fun. But if you really want to find and learn more about your ancestors, then begin with yourself and trace back, generation-by-generation. The official records date back to 1066 A. D., when William the Conqueror taxed the common folks. When you reach the 17th century, you will begin to learn how to read old colonial script; you know, the beautiful documents written in India Ink! But you will have already noticed that cursive writing changed over the years and that this generation assumes (or is taught) that the people of the past were ignorant. Yet by simply reading the old documents, say, in the era of King Edward I of England (1272 to 1307), one must first have a knowledge of Latin and French as well as an understanding of ancient history and its written languages. Before that, one of the most brilliant laws ever written was the Magna Carta which came out of England in 1215 which was the basis for English Common Laws and the American Constitution. These people may have sent their brave knights to settle their differences, but their understanding of the natural rights of mankind was incomparable to any amendments being bartered about and argued today in the US Senate. Thus, tracing the ancestors is a true learning experience. Each generation unfolds a fascinating picture of its history as well as an appreciation for own blood-line; those who worked so hard for personal freedom and paved the way to rising above the fray.  . . .more . . .

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