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Escapes of Thomas Ramsey during the Revolutionary War #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

Enduring to the End: The Story of the Escapades of Thomas Ramsey During the Revolutionary War

Battle of Kettle Creek
Battle of Kettle Creek February 14, 1779. 

The study of the pension record of Thomas Ramsey brings to question the number of miles he walked and the sufferings and hardships of the patriots during the Revolutionary War. Of course, all such pensions of worthy of reading, because these were our brave ancestors who sacrificed everything to provide a free America. Somewhere in those pensions are the true facts of our individual ancestors who made history. Forget about the history books written years afterwards by persons who were not participants and which only provide but a thin outline of sketchy facts. Thomas Ramsey of Henry County first volunteered in 1775 militia in South Carolina, now Abbeville District under the command of Capt. James McCall. His unit marched to Ninety Six under Colonel Andrew Williamson and remained about two weeks when Colonel Robert Cunningham, afterwards General in the British service, came to attack. The troops quickly threw up a breastwork which they manned for two days before a cessation of war was agreed upon for twenty five days (November 1775). Afterwards, Capt. McCall was taken prisoner and Lieutenant Calhoun killed by the Indians. The command of the company devolved upon Ramsey who was in command during May of 1780 when Charleston was taken by the British . . . more . . .

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