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George Durant Arrested for Treason in 1677 #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

1677 - George Durant Arrested for Treason

George DurantJohn Culpeper, Surveyor-General of Carolina in 1677, became known for seditious conduct on the Ashley River which caused him to flee northward to escape the hangman. Culpeper was resisting the enforcement of the Navigation Act. In December of 1677, a Yankee schooner, heavily armed and bearing a seductive cargo of rum and molasses, appeared in Pasquotank River. Her skipper, whose name was Gillam, had scarcely set foot on land when he was arrested by the governor and held to bail in 1,000 pounds. The astute yankee, with an air of innocent surprise, meekly promised to weigh anchor at once and not return. However, a thirsty mob, angry over the loss of rum, entreated Gillam to stay. Governor Miller was a man in whom bravery prevailed over prudence, and, hearing at this moment that George Durant, a wealthy settler of Perquimans, was on the schooner, he  
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