Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Our Ancestors Prepared the Way for Better Times

Our Ancestors Prepared the Way for Better Times

tractorSomewhere out there is a parcel of land upon which your ancestors once built a house as well as the surrounding community. The ground may be parched and worn out from years of tilling the soil. And there may be an old sunken well on the place. Perhaps a crumbling barn and a tractor displaying its age in a reddish-orange coat of rust. If you are observing relics such as this, it is a splendid view of the hardships and labor required to bring America into better circumstances. Because it was those old wrinkled hands which prepared the way. After 1900, the next fifty years delivered new and better tractors, telephones, automobiles and the television. Then, during the 1960s, when we sent a man to the moon, new technology seemed to chase us into the 21st century. Let us take note. The quilt of accomplishment is woven by every generation. One day, the work which is being accomplished today will pass into the hands of future generations. Think about 

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