Monday, May 27, 2019

Searching Land Lotteries Helps to Find the Old Home Place #georgiapioneerscom #genealogy

Searching Land Lotteries to Find the Old Home Place

Capitol Avenue, Atlanta, 1900sMy grandmother lived in McPherson, a village spun off for temporary housing for those who built train tracks throughout Georgia. My grandfather had the local merchandise store and my grandmother would board the train and go to Atlanta. Ironically, her stop was Terminal Station. I wonder if she realized that as the being the actual land which was once owned by Archibald Holland in 1824, having drawn all of Atlanta in the land lottery. Memoirs of Georgia published in 1895 consists of interviews with Georgia residents. A son of Archibald Holland gave his account of having been born on Capitol Avenue in Atlanta. This information, combined with a plat of the land drawn in the lottery, located the site of the old home place for me. Later on, I was surprised to discover that during the early part of the 20th century the Atlanta Constitution published a photo of the old house which was reported to have been the oldest house in Atlanta which was temporarily used about 1845 as the residence of a local official. A good reason to search the Georgia Land Lotteries and newspapers,eh?

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