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The Fearless Smith's of Georgia #georgiapioneers #genealogy

The Fearless Smith's of Georgia

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Revolutionary War RiflePictured is the rifle used during the Battle of Savannah. There are a number of exciting persons to meet in the past. Yes, in the past. And they are our ancestors. One such person was Alexander Smith who was born about 1760, died 1820 in Laurens County, Georgia. It took a great deal of research, including identifying every Smith in Georgia before 1800, to get this genealogy worked out. Alexander came from far-western North Carolina to Georgia about 1791. I finally found the proof that he was the father of Davis Smith in the Laurens County estate records. A witness to this estate was David Culpepper, also found in the Wilkes County records with the parents of Alexander Smith. Witnesses are important notations! Alexander's wife was Martha Franklin, a daughter of William Franklin, Indian Fighter, Revolutionary War Soldier and a hero of this times. When the Indians were robbing, marauding and taking white girls as slaves in the Allegheny Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, The Royal Governor of Virginia called the militia to go after the Shawnee. A treaty result, but the Shawnee did not keep it. Finally, white settlers like William Franklin began moving back East. Alexander's parents were situated in the State of Franklin at the time. (Now Sullivan County, Tennessee) Just as the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War began, the Franklins and the Smiths left the mountains. They came East. Alexander and his father were already expert riflemen. After the war, they were both awarded lands in Wilkes and Warren Counties.

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