Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Where John Wilkes Booth was Killed in Virginia #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Port Royal - John Wilkes Booth Killed in Virginia

Garrett FarmAn account taken from the diary of a school girl. "April 26. (1865) Now we have the news that J. Wilkes Booth, who shot the President and who has been concealing himself in Virginia, has been caught, and refusing to surrender was shot dead. It has taken just twelve days to bring him to retribution. I am glad that he is dead if he could not be taken alive, but it seems as though shooting was too good for him. However, we may as well take this as really (the way of) God, as the death of the President, for if he had been taken alive, the country would have been so furious to get at him and tear him to pieces the turmoil would have been great and desperate. It may be the best way to dispose of him. Of course, it is best, or it would not be so. Mr. Morse called this evening and he thinks Booth was shot by a lot of cowards. The flags have been flying all day, since the news came, but all, excepting Albert Granger, seem sorry that he was not disabled instead of being shot dead. Albert seems able to look into the "beyond" and also to locate departed spirits. His "latest" is that he is so glad that Booth got to him before Abraham Lincoln got to Springfield." Source: Village Life in America 1852-1872; Including the Period of the American Civil War as Told in the Diary of a School-Girl by Caroline Cowles Richards. 

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