Friday, June 14, 2019

Hamburg, a Dead Town in South Carolina #southcarolinapioneersnet

Hamburg, a Dead Town in South Carolina

Hamburg DepotHamburg is remembered as still having German residents during the 1830s. At that time an old German citizen by the name of Schultz, one of its wealthiest citizens, had erected three brick buildings on the North side of Broad Street known as the Bridge Bank buildings, presumably because the bank located there was run by old man Schultz and McKinney. Schultz also owned the bridge which crossed the Savannah River and connected Georgia and South Carolina. The bank ultimately failed and the city managed to get possession of the bridge. Schultz vowed that he would kill the trade in Augusta and build up Hamburg and in 1832 borrowed $50,000 to do so. The result was that Hamburg became a trading center for hundreds of surrounding miles. It was the terminus of the South Carolina railroad and the first railroad of a hundred miles in length that the world ever saw! Hamburg typically received 70,000 bales of cotton, most of which were delivered in wagons. On the outskirts of town more than five hundred wagons would strike their tents.

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