Friday, June 28, 2019

The Story of Colonel Benjamin Taliaferro #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Colonel Benjamin Taliaferro

horsebackridingDuring the battle of Princeton, in New Jersey in 1776, the company of Colonel Benjamin Taliaferro forced a British commander to surrender. When the English captain stepped forward in his fine uniform and inquired for the American officer to whom he was to yield his sword, Captain Taliaferro stood there without shoes or shirt, and a coat of rags. Nevertheless, he graciously received the sword of the brave Englishman. Later on when he was fighting near Charleston, he was captured and made a prisoner of war. However, he was later paroled and sent to Virginia until an exchange could be negotiated. It was in 1784 that Colonel Taliaferro settled in Georgia and was soon thereafter sent to the State Senate. He served as a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1798 and as a member of Congress from 1798 to 1802, and Judge of the Superior Court. His death occurred on September 23, 1821 in Wilkes County. 

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