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Trading Observations between South Carolina and Georgia #georgiapioneerscom #southcarolinapioneersnet

Trading Observations between South Carolina and Georgia

Indian TradersFrom the earliest settlement, there existed a link between the Indian Traders of Georgia and South Carolina. The trading posts near Augusta reached far into the Carolina trade. If your family tradition is that an ancestor married an Indian from the Creeks or Cherokees (or any tribe), forget about attempting to locate a marriage record. It was mostly white Indian traders who married squaws and they moved about in the world of the Indians. When the Cherokees and Creeks were removed from Georgia, the old traders went with them. The names of some of the traders with the Creeks may be found in Letters of Benjamin Hawkins 1796-1806; The Collected Works of Benjamin Hawkins 1796-1810; and Creek Confederacy and a Sketch of the Creek Country

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