Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lanterns and Candlesticks #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Lanterns and Candlesticks

lanternsCandles made of fireplace ash and myrtle berries supplied the first light for the first colonial homes in the colonies. Myrtle berries were serviceable because the wax to not get too hot to melt. Lanterns came into style during Colonial days and were a prominent feature of the hallway furnishing. Many of these were gilded and many were painted, and their greatest period of popularity was during the first part of the eighteenth century. About 1750 the first glass lamps came into favor. These were not like those of a later period, being very simple in form, and not particularly graceful. 

In 1782 a Frenchman, named Argand, introduced the lamp which still bears his name. This marked the beginning of the lamp era, and while at first these lamps were so high in price that they could only be afforded by the wealthier classes, later they were produced at a more reasonable figure, when they came into general use. . . . more . . .

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