Friday, September 13, 2019

An American Colonist Testifies in England #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

An American Colonist Goes Loyalist and Testifies in England

Joseph GallowayJoseph Galloway, a native of Maryland, but long a resident of Pennsylvania before the Revolution, was an early and active sympathizer in the American cause until the Declaration of Independence, when he became a Loyalist. During a visit to England he was examined before an investigating committee of the House of Commons in June of 1779, and his testimony has been frequently published. When asked as to the composition of the Rebel army, his answer was "The names and places of their nativity being taken down I can answer the question with precision; there were scarcely one fourth natives of America; about one half Irish; the other fourth were English and Scotch." Thus, a fourth part was composed of some English, very few Scotch, and more Germans, or Dutch from Pennsylvania and the valley of Virginia, who formed the brigade under the command of Muhlenberg, and the Eighth Virginia regiment. The testimony of Galloway referred to his experience while superintendent of the police in Philadelphia during the British occupancy. "Do you know anything of the army of the Rebels in general, how that is composed; of what country people?" His answer was, "I judge of that by the deserters that came over." It has been estimated that about one fourth of all the American officers were Irish by birth or descent and a large number of Irish were in the Continental Congress or prominent as leaders in every station of life. It is also believed that General George Washington was descended on both sides from Irish fore bearers. 

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