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Jasper County Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Vouchers, Marriages

Monticello, GeorgiaBaldwin, Butts, Putnam and Morgan County records should also be researched by genealogists. The earliest settlers were: Seymour Byrom, Moses Duff, William Deal, Radford Ellis, Robert Estes, Ira Foreman, John Freeman, Stewart Owens, James Patrick, John Parks, William Vardeman and Joseph White. Jasper was first Old Randolph County. Jasper County was created in 1807 from Baldwin County and called Randolph County. The present-day Randolph County was created on December 20, 1828. Part of Jasper was given to Morgan in 1815 and part to Newton in 1821. The name was changed December 10, 1812 to Jasper County and named in honor of William Jasper, an officer in Colonel William Moultrie's Second South Carolina Infantry, 1775. The county seat is Monticello.

Jasper County Records Available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Note: Most of the Jasper County wills and estates are not indexed. Except for this publication, you would have to go page-by-page to know if your ancestors were there:

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1813-1820.
  • Wills 1815-1820.
  • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1797-1819.

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book C, 1797 to 1819

Testators: Appling, Otho ; Bryers, Laurence ; Buis, John ; Butler, Thomas; Chapman, Edmond ; Doggett, John ; Ellis, Radford ; Hadley, Thomas ; Heard, Thomas ; Hill, William ; Hills, Theophilus ; Huff, Thomas ; Jackson, John ; Jones, Hugh ; Lasseter, Charles; Loyd,Thomas ; Mapp, Jeremiah ; McMichel, William ; Messer, Joseph ; Moses, John ; Mullins, Timothy ; Nall, Nathan ; Paschal, Samuel ; Pinson, James ; Ramsey, Alexander; Ray, Solomon ; Shuffield, Barnaby ; Weathersby, Owen ; White, Samuel ; Wise,Patton

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 9, 1828 to 1829

Testators, estates: Cornwell, Elijah; Deadwilder, Eve; Grimmett, Sarah; Harris, James, minor; Higginbotham, Jacob; Holland, Lewis C., guardian of wife, Lavisa; McDaniel, Yancey; McMurray, John; Meriwether, Thomas; Purifoy, Arrington

Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 1, 1813 to 1817

Testators: Fitzpatrick, William ; Ivie, Lott ; Laws, Martin ; Mayo, Nancy ; McAfee, Green ; 
. . . more names . . .

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