Monday, September 16, 2019

The Irish Forebearers of George Washington #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

The Irish Fore bearers of George Washington, viz: Ball, Washington, De Wessyngtons

A large number of Irish were in the Continental Congress or prominent as leaders in every station of life. George Washington was possibly descended on the side of his father from a Washington who had lived in Ireland, and the side of his mother, the Balls, who came from the neighborhood of Dublin. Country Families of the United Kingdom by Walford shows that in the modern age the only families with any property bearing the name of Ball, are to be found in Ireland. The family came to Ireland in the 14th century as Flemish emigrants. It is also claimed that the De Wessyngtons were Flemish who settled about the same time in both England and Ireland. But the head of the English family died some years before the planting of Jamestown, Virginia. The members of the Irish branch have all been traced and some of them to this country. One, a son of Henry Washington, a person of some prominence, disappeared from Ireland during the troubles and probably escaped to Bermuda, where many vessels first stopped on their way to the American colonies.

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